We are seeking energetic volunteers who are currently enrolled in a in a library, information, museum studies or archives specific program.

We are asking for a minimum 6-hour commitment and in return we will register you for the conference. Please note that this does not include the pre-conference. This is a great opportunity for you to network with other library professionals and possible employers from around the country.

If you are interested in volunteering for the Manitoba Libraries Conference 2018, submit your name, affiliation and availability to volunteersconference@mla.mb.ca. Please include a brief description of yourself as an information professional, tell us why you would be a great addition to our volunteer team and which volunteer position you are most interested in.

More information is available upon inquiry. Space is limited!

2018 Manitoba Libraries Conference: Volunteers Position Descriptions

All position descriptions are subject to additional responsibilities or duties not listed below

Registration Desk: Volunteers are required to assist in the registration process for delegates that have pre-registered as well as on-site. This includes handing out registration information packages, badges, programs or maps as well as being available to answer questions or guide delegates. Set up and tear down of registration desk is also required.

Trade Show/Pop-up Shop Assistant: Volunteers are required to hand out registration information, badges to registered exhibitors, assist in the facilitation of the MLC pop-up shop and be available to help guide delegates. Set up and tear down of the pop-up shop is also required.

Session Convener: Volunteers are required to introduce speakers, thank them and present them with a gift for each session. Volunteers must also help to guide delegates, answer questions about session times and be available to assist with the facilitation of each session.

Tech Assistant: Volunteers are required to assist in the set-up and operation of technological equipment such as projectors, speakers or laptops for sessions and be on hand to troubleshoot possible problems.

Publicity Assistant: Volunteers are required to assist the publicity coordinator in posting content to a variety of social media platforms, noting the function, names and information regarding photos taken. Other duties assigned as needed.

Floater: Volunteers will be required to cover a variety of duties in the event of illness, inclement weather or cancelation. Volunteers will be expected to cover last minute requirements, help direct delegates and assist in the facilitation of special events.